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Mastering the Guest Experience

Innovative. Comprehensive. Exceptional.

At Meta – Hospitality, we’re committed to creating exceptional dining experiences that bring people together.

Our holistic approach to hospitality means we serve our clients’ guests, employees, and investors with the same level of service we’ve honed over decades of working in restaurants and hospitality.

The Meta-hospitality Difference

Welcome to Meta-hospitality – where a passion for hospitality meets unmatched expertise. Our adept team is devoted to transforming your imaginative vision into a dynamic reality.

We create unforgettable concepts for casinos, hotels, and entertainment districts. Our approach ensures our clients consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences, while maximizing profitability.

Serving the United States and Beyond

Led by a Culinary Maestro: Chef Luke Palladino

At the heart of our operation stands the renowned Chef Luke Palladino. With his globally celebrated culinary artistry, he leads a diverse ensemble of experts that can transform any space into a world-class dining experience.

What We Offer

Holistic Hospitality Development Solutions

At Meta-Hospitality, we recognize that every service experience unfolds a story. From the initial spark of an idea to the final dish gracing the table, our tailor-made offerings ensure that your narrative is both engaging and memorable.
Our services include
We conceptualize dining spaces that bring people together.
Turnkey service from our first meeting through launch.
Your restaurant doesn’t have to operate on razor thin margins.
Great leaders make great restaurants.
We build profitable businesses with lasting relationships.
Dynamic marketing strategies for a stronger brand identity.

Why Choose Meta-hospitality?

At Meta-Hospitality, we are more than just a team; we are culinary pioneers, design aficionados, and experts dedicated to sculpting unmatched dining experiences. Rooted in over thirty years of industry mastery, our holistic approach is the marriage of innovation with time-honored traditions. From dreaming up the perfect ambiance to crafting a menu that sings, we deliver a solution that's as tailored as it is exceptional.
Global Expertise
With a team proficient in commercial acumen, media creation, and restaurant management, we have the global insight to cater to diverse markets.
Tailored Solutions
No two properties are the same. We offer bespoke solutions that resonate with your brand and audience.
Unwavering Commitment
From ideation to the final product, we promise unwavering dedication to quality and excellence.

Our Clients

We partner with brands that share our commitment to great service. We’re proud to have built long-lasting client relationships with some of the nation’s top hotels and casinos.
Working with Chef Luke has been instrumental to our success. His ability to be uniquely creative while still paying particular attention to the technical details form the perfect blend for great business-savvy ideas. The cross-functional and collaborative approach seeks to distill only the best when executing great results and unifying teams. His perspective is as limitless as his passion for good food.
David Kopasz
COO, Hospitality at Yaamava’ Resort and Casino
Luke has an incredible gift for conceiving of, developing and executing incredibly diverse food and beverage experiences. He is the most passionate food and beverage expert that I have ever come across. Luke is one-of-a-kind…a world-class chef/operator that is equally special at creating genuine connections with people.
Jason Kaye
Director of Development Operations, OKO Group
It has been a true honor partnering with Chef Luke and Meta Hospitality over the years. He has been instrumental in the creation of a unique, best-in-class culinary experience for both our valued guests and team members at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel
Peter Arceo
General Manager, San Manuel Casino
Working with Chef Luke the Meta-Hospitality team for the last 3+ years has been a real pleasure. He is a true culinary professional who possesses the emotional intelligence to navigate in today’s business world, grow with innovations, and unite teams across multiple generations. His contributions and expertise are dependable, and cutting edge.
Chef Oliver Wolf
VP of Culinary Operations at San Manuel Casino
My favorite food is Italian. There is only one person I associate with greatness that I know, Luke. I have watched him grow from a Chef in to a true business man. He has experienced many wins, and of course a few under cooking’s. It is his resilience and ability to reinvent himself that truly separates him from the rest of the pack. You can’t buy passion it is innate, and Luke exudes it.
Gary Veloric
Founder The Red Stripe Plane Group
Luke is my go to whenever I have a problem that requires extra resources. He has never let me down and always provides creative insight that assists with a successful outcome. A quality man who produces superior results. What more could you ask for?
Daniel Flores
Chief Operating Officer at Honest Hospitality
I’ve worked with many Chefs, but Luke is one of the best! Luke is always professional, ambitious, and hardworking. He’s a great guy, who performs his work with great enthusiasm. Luke has always displayed an enormous amount of passion for culinary arts, and was an integral member of the Wynn team. Luke is a creative Chef who can skillfully plan menus, prepare outstanding food, manage budgets, and lead a team of people delivering exceptional service. Luke is an out of the box thinker who is always pushing the envelope on creativity within the budget, and to the highest standards.
David Snyder
SVP Fontainebleau Development
I’ve known Luke for 23 years. He is a very savvy, unpretentious guy, and a diligent, hard working professional. Luke has the interpersonal qualities required to build culture: leadership, organizational skills, and enthusiasm.
He also has the patience of a saint.
Bob Boughner
Private Investor, Ex-Officio Investment Board Member
Luke and Meta Hospitality are true partners in every sense of the word. We really don’t look at his team as consultants. They have been great partners, and so easy to collaborate with. Luke shares our passion for providing outstanding service, and training standards in a very competitive Hospitality industry.
David Pipkin
VP of Development/Asset Integration, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
I have worked with many food and beverage personalities over the past 40 years. Luke is among the best at his craft, from creating impressive culinary delights, to his attention to service details, and his customer’s needs.
He is an expert at building “Hospitality Driven Cultures
John Egnor
Owner at JME Hospitality
The reopening of the iconic Palms was a historic moment in time for Las Vegas and the San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority. Our partnership with Luke and Meta Hospitality has been a game changer for our F&B team. Luke is a creative strategic thinker with deep expertise. We relied heavily upon him and his team during our venue openings. His culinary talent and high service acumen have benefited our team as we expand our Palms' F&B portfolio and continue to drive exceptional food and beverage experiences for our guests. We value Luke as a partner to our chefs and overall team. He is a genuine pleasure to work with!”
Greg Van Stone
VP of Food and Beverage Palms Casino
It is a pleasure working with Luke, and Meta Hospitality. Luke is extremely knowledgeable, and talented. He has a great pulse on the constantly evolving Las Vegas Food & Beverage landscape.
Farid Matraki
Global Retail Consulting