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About Us

The “Meta” in Hospitality

The term "Meta" comes from a Greek word that means "beyond”, referring to concepts that are a level above.

Meta-Hospitality catapults the hospitality industry into a new era, fusing expansive analytical insight with cutting-edge practices to radically enhance guest experiences and operational dynamism. It champions strategic foresight, self-reflection, and the embrace of breakthrough technologies to forge a more integrated and unforgettable service journey. This thrilling concept signifies a trailblazing shift towards a more ingenious, creative, and holistic ethos in the realm of hospitality, promising not just a service, but an exhilarating adventure for every guest.

Chef Luke Palladino

A Maestro Behind the Culinary Canvas

A name synonymous with gastronomic brilliance, Chef Luke Palladino’s culinary journey is the embodiment of passion, dedication, and innovation. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, Luke was destined for greatness, as evident when his peers marked him as "most likely to succeed.” He did not just meet these expectations; he exceeded them.
His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him on a transformative expedition, traversing Italy's diverse regions, absorbing its rich culinary traditions, and collaborating with legendary chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Jeremiah Tower. Luke's illustrious career in Italy culminated with a three-year stint as the executive chef and partner at Venice's renowned Ristorante al Covo.
Back in the US, Luke's magic touch transformed culinary spaces. From Atlantic City's Borgata Hotel to Las Vegas's Red Rock Casino and Wynn Resorts, his creations became synonymous with excellence, gathering global acclaim. But beyond these accolades lies his true gift: weaving memories around the dining table, making every meal a story worth telling.

Meet the Team

Luke Palladino
Shawna Bowman
Farid Matraki
Retail Partner
John Egnor
Kitchen Design
Chris Rosano
David Pichette
Media Production
Tommy Bassett
Experiences & Entertainment
Garrett Pattiani
Experiences & Entertainment

The Origins of Meta-Hospitality

Having led the launch of over 50 restaurants within the private sector, hotels, and casinos, Luke offers a wealth of specialized knowledge and expertise.

His rare insight encompasses both the developmental and operational domains, making him a formidable presence in the hospitality sector.

Developmental Front

Invisioning, planning, and executing restaurant projects from the ground up.

  • site selection
  • design coordination
  • menu development
  • financial modeling

Meta’s profound understanding of market dynamics, compliance with regulatory frameworks, and the knack for fostering fruitful relationships with stakeholders contribute to laying a solid foundation for every establishment under it’s aegis.


Meta-Hospitality orchestrates seamless restaurant operations that prioritize both guest satisfaction and financial efficiency.

His operational expertise encompasses staff training and development, quality control, cost management, and revenue optimization. He exhibits a remarkable ability to foster a culture of excellence among the team, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of service, hygiene, and customer engagement.

Furthermore, his aptitude in leveraging technology for operational efficiency, analyzing performance metrics, and adapting strategies based on evolving market trends demonstrates a seasoned approach to restaurant management.

Exemplary Guest Experience & Robust Business Performance

The cross-pollination of developmental and operational skill sets enables Luke to navigate the multifaceted challenges of the restaurant business, ensuring a symbiotic balance between exemplary guest experiences and robust business performance. Each venture under Luke's leadership is a testimony to his multidimensional expertise, reflecting a legacy of thriving establishments that resonate with both culinary aficionados and the business ledger.