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What We Offer

End-to-End Restaurant
Development Solutions

Together, we’ll build experiences that challenge industry norms so you can serve your guests, employees, and investors with integrity.

Concept Development

Discover culinary excellence with our Concept Development services, crafting captivating restaurant concepts. From business systems, culinary ideation, and menu evolution, to aesthetic design and management recruiting, we tailor a seamless operation to your vision. Explore precise menu engineering and efficient purchasing procedures, propelling your restaurant towards enduring success with uncompromised quality.

  • Complete development of signature restaurant concepts
  • Business systems development
  • Culinary ideation and menu evolution
  • Menu engineering, costing and purchasing procedures
  • Restaurant and Kitchen Design
  • Assist in selection of architectural and kitchen design firms
  • Management recruiting
Project Management

Dive into a seamless transition from concept to reality with our Project Management services. We steer your project from planning to opening, providing extensive culinary and service training to ensure operational excellence. Benefit from on-site assistance, hands-on management during opening, and effective marketing and PR strategies to create a buzz around your venture, setting a solid foundation for success.

  • Masterminding and realization of concept from planning to opening
  • Culinary training
  • Service training
  • On-site assistance, collaboration and guidance throughout project
  • Hands-on training, support and management during opening
  • Marketing and PR strategies
Business Optimization

Unlock the full potential of your business with our Business Optimization services. We champion a philosophy of continuous improvement, aligning your team’s objectives with specific targets and goals. Our approach integrates seamlessly into your organizational culture, fostering excellence, boosting morale, and eliminating operational roadblocks. Experience tangible benefits such as enhanced productivity, reduced waste, cost savings, and amplified profitability.

  • Our goal with your team is  instilling a philosophy of continuous improvement by determining objectives, specific targets, and goals. An ongoing process that becomes part of your organization’s culture. We work with your people to develop a culture of excellence, improved morale, and the elimination of obstacles that impede business operations leading to greater organizational focus.
  • Some direct benefits of business optimization:
  • Improved productivity
  • Less waste
  • Lower costs
  • Increased profitability
Management Training

The core principles of Luke’s Meta-Hospitality Playbook mindset training are designed to cultivate a specific set of attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives that are essential for success in the hospitality industry. It focuses on shaping the way individuals think and approach their roles, interactions, and responsibilities within the hospitality business. A positive and guest-centric mindset is crucial for creating memorable experiences and building strong guest relationships.

Here are some key elements of hospitality mindset training:

  • Why we believe Hospitality can change the world
  • Mindset Shaping
  • Human connection/Service from the Heart
  • Guest-Centric Philosophy
  • Creating Memorable Experiences
  • Adaptability
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills
  • Create Raving Fans/Building meaningful guest relationships
Long Term Operations

Embark on your establishment’s long-term journey with our tailored Operational Support. We provide ongoing management assistance, continuous training, and performance enhancement to meet your food and beverage goals. Opt for our flexible full or part-time service packages covering financial analysis, operational reviews, and meticulous planning on a recurring basis to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

  • Ongoing operational support and management
  • Review of management performance, food and beverage objectives
  • Ongoing training and management support
  • Full or Part time services package including financial and operational performance, planning and daily/weekly/monthly management
Marketing and Media Creation

Harness the power of storytelling with our Marketing & Media Creation services. Through vibrant Food and Location Photography and dynamic Promotional Videos, we embody your brand’s essence. Coupled with our adept Social Media Promotion, we craft narratives that captivate and sustain your audience’s interest.

  • Food Photography
  • Location photography
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social media promotion